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The Ferriday Pop-Up Sleeper

The Ferriday Pop-Up Sleeper

Posted by Mariah Brown on Aug 5th 2021


Introducing The Ferriday

While many people have seen this style of a sofa chaise in small spaces and apartments, some have even seen it on Tik-Tok! The Ferriday Pop-up Sleeper is sure to fit right into your Spokane apartment, small living area or entertainment space. Let us show you some of its top rated features below. 

Blanket or Board Game Storage

The Ferriday is full of surprises, one of them being the huge storage compartment underneath the chaise portion of the sofa. Just use the handle below the cushion to reveal the organization station. If you lack a linen closet, it is the perfect spot for all those blankets and pillows you'll be using on the next feature.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrests area adjustable, so if you are somebody who is tall or maybe you like to lean back and watch your favorite show you can lift up the headrests and have the perfect support to keep you cozy and relaxed. To move the headrests you just push down to lower them and pull to bring them back up. 

Hidden Pop-Up Sleeper

Having guests over, or looking for a smart addition to your studio apartment? The Ferriday has you covered on all bases. The soft, but durable microfiber in Taupe with white stitching makes for a clean but inviting look, something you can easily decorate around depending on what vibe you're trying to achieve. You or your visitors will have plenty of room to sprawl out on the sleeper component. Its quite easy to set up too. First, pull out the drawer with the hidden pop-up sleeper. Then, pull up the handles below the cushion to create a perfect place to chill out on. 

How to Purchase

If this is the unique solution you've been looking for, the simply search for the Ferriday in the upper right hand search bar, then add it to your cart. Or you can click any of the photos above and shop from there! Once the order is complete, we will be in touch with you to schedule your delivery or pick up. 

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