The 3 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

The 3 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

Posted by Mariah Brown on Sep 29th 2021


So many people go ages without swapping their old flimsy pillows for something new and actually made to support one of our biggest pressure areas: our necks! In fact, most experts say you should replace your pillows every 1-2 years.

Neck pain can stem from many different things, but specifically when your head, neck and alpine are not in alignment for an extended period of time. One of the longest time frames we usually go with an unaligned spine is while we sleep. This is why it’s smart to have a quality, supportive pillow so your body gets the nightly rehabilitation it needs. In this article we will go through our 3 favorite pillows and give you a few good reasons to upgrade your pillow and give yourself the relief your body is looking for during sleep. 

The Pillows featured below:

Cool Tech Pillows:

These cooling memory foam pillows are perfect for people that need better head and neck alignment to help treat neck pain. Featuring gel layers molded seamlessly with memory foam, covered in a honeycomb stitched fabric this pillow promotes a cooling air flow all night. It is even in a cover that zips open and detaches for an easy machine wash. 

These pillows are also reversible, meaning no matter what side your head rests on it will offer the same support. These pillows are also reversible, meaning no matter what side your head rests on it will offer the same support. Whether you are a side or back sleeper, this pillow will provide the right support in all the right places.

TEMPUR® Essential Sleep Pillow:

Another great option if you find yourself needing relief from an achy neck is the TEMPUR® Essential Sleep Pillow. Offering a soft luxurious feel, while still cradling your neck, head and shoulders with support this pillow is great for any sleeper! Even a stomach sleeper can sleep with ease using the TEMPUR® Essential Pillow, because of its softer memory foam and less structured style.

Another notable benefit is the removable and washable cover to keep the pillow fresh and soft. The adaptive TEMPUR® Material is one of the best sleep technologies out there, and in this pillow it means it will never lose its true shape.

TEMPUR® Adapt Pro Cooling Pillow:

Another pillow by Tempurpedic, but with a little upgrade. The TEMPUR® Adapt Pro Cooling Pillow highlights the exclusive TEMPUR® micro cushions in the middle layered between the TEMPUR® Material to maintain the shape. In addition, the cooling removable cover keeps the whole pillow at a constant cooler temperature so you don't wake up in the middle of the night sticking to your pillow (we have all been there!).

It comes in three different firmness options for all different kinds of sleepers. The LO profile is designed for stomach sleepers or small frames, MID profile is for back and side sleepers or medium frames, and the HI profile is designed for side sleepers or larger frames. 


Even with the best mattress, physical therapist or exercise routine in the world, you could still be experiencing neck pain and for a lot of people this problem comes from the lack of support while they sleep. Many people forget about their pillows when improving their sleep habits, and it is really the key to finally ditching the neck pain and sore shoulders when waking up after a long night of sleep.

All three of the pillows included in this blog have their own features that stand out from the rest. Depending on if you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, there is a perfect fit for you.